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certISO 9001-2

certiISO 14001-2

certtISO 18001-2


INSET s.r.o.
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Noise measurement

  • measurement of noise, including the traffic analysis, as the basic information for technical solution of constructions
  • measurement and calculations of sound insulation of structural constructions
  • measurement of traffic noise and air traffic noise
  • measurement of noise and noise impacts from construction acitivities (e.g. from blasting)
  • measurement of noise in the protected outside and inside areas of constructions
  • assessment of development plans as regardes noise pollution, designing and verification of protection zones as regards noise pollution, designing and verification of protection zones of roads as regards noise
  • noise and vibration measurement, assessment of their impacts on humans
  • traffic analysis
  • hluk  hluk-a
  • Noise prediction
  • modelling of noise pollution by means of the HLUK + software
  • prediction of noise from the road transport in the protected outside area of constructions
  • prediction of noise from industrial sources
  • proposal of noise protection measures (noise barriers)
  • hluk 3

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