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certISO 9001-2

certiISO 14001-2

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We perform diagnostics on the qualitative conditions of buildings and structures as well as the quantification of structural diagnostic damage and imperfections in buildings and structures. Most work is produced in close cooperation with geotechnical engineers.

Activities within the structural diagnostics field include: building technical surveys, the measuring and the long-term monitoring of physical quantities, passporting, running load tests on building structures, performing diagnostics on bridge structures, etc.

Structural diagnostics are performed on various types of construction. A special part of the building technical survey, called passporting, is often used in practice.

Thanks to the company's extensive, top-quality equipment, we are able to conduct large scale geophysical measurements, outdoor (field) experiments, and tests - supplemented by laboratory analysis if needed - for the building technical surveys.  
Technical expertises on structures conditions (its diagnosis) can be provided in the form of inspection report based on the agreement with a client. This report is methodically managed by INSET Inspection body (certified by Czech Accreditation Institute, number 4099) and its content is structured based on the principle of concordance examination. The report has all necessary attributes of objectiveness and independency.

For the structural diagnostic fields above, we offer the following:

  • 3D Georadar Diagnostic Scanner
  • Measurement of deformations
  • Measurement of tilts
  • Geodetic measurement
  • Convergence measurement
  • Measurement of technical vibrations
  • Building geological prospecting - design and execution of evaluations
  • Measurement of air pressure and acoustic effects
  • Complete set of geodetic tools
  • Evaluation of blasting impact on buildings
  • Measurement of seismic effects
  • 3D laser scanning
  • Passporting of buildings
  • Review of undermining impact on surface area
  • Corrosion surveys
  • Expert opinions on structural analysis, dynamics, geotechnical engineering, geology, blasting work and its effects
  • Load testing of building structures
  • Diagnostics on bridges
  • Measurement of stray current fields
  • Building technical survey
  • Dustiness measurement
  • Measurement of pile integrity
  • Temperature measurement
  • Dynamic testing of building structures
  • Load testing of soils and loose materials
  • Non-destructive testing of concrete
  • Penetration testing
  • Measurement of groundwater level
  • Gas detection
  • Humidity measurement
  • Testing of anchors and bolts
  • Noise studies
  • Numeric modeling and calculation of the dynamic properties of structures
  • Terrain testing and monitoring, control testing during construction operations
  • Expertise in the impact of groundwater on the stability of terrain and buildings
  • Seismology engineering
  • Boring
  • Geophysical prospecting
  • Engineering geological surveys
  • Building geotechnical prospecting, including work in extreme conditions (rock faces, subterranean areas, etc.)
  • Teleological regional studies

As part of your order, we also guarantee the following:

  • Laboratory testing
  • Expertise in the environmental impact of building operations
  • Projection and assurance of operation for quarries and mines, liquidation, and the remediation of bore work
  • Expert legal opinion

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