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certISO 9001-2

certiISO 14001-2

certtISO 18001-2


Diagnostics of the effect on the environment

Measuring of vibrations and measuring of dynamic action on buildings

Technical and constructional acoustics

  • measuring of noise levels including ferquency analysis as a basic for technical solutions of constructions
  • measuring and calculations of noise control in building structures
  • measuring of traffic noise and if traffic noise
  • measuring of noise in protected outside and inside spaces of constructions
  • noise studies, designs, calculations and technical solutions of noise barriers
  • assessment of urban plans from the viewpoint of noise levels, designing and verification of protective zones of roads from the viewpoint of noise

Determination of the scope and influence of old waste dumps and ecologically damaged locations

  • mapping of the area and thickness of waste dumps (calculation of cubic content) via indirect geophysical metods
  • division of waste dumps into lots based on the characteristics of the dumped material
  • localisation of subterranean thanks, pipes, casks and other potential sources of pollution
  • tracing down preferential routes for contamination spreading in ground formations, optimising of plans for placement of remedial and monitoring boreholes

Monitoring of mine disposal sites and sludge pits
Geotechnical, hydrogeological and hydrochemical monitoring of mine disposal sites and sluge pits. We carry out designing and execution of a monitoring system which includes geotechnical monitoring devices and hydrogeological apparatuses and objects.

Geotechnical monitoring devices include

  • height-measuring boxes for measuring of subsidence
  • water pressure gauges for readïng of water column values
  • pore pressure gauges inserted into selected depth horizons for monitoring of the development of pore pressure
  • extensometers for measuring of deformations
  • inclinometric boreholes for monitoring of depth progress of deformations
  • sensors for pore pressure installed in boreholes
  • datallogers for continuous recording of data
  • geotechnical stabilised points for monitoring of surface deformations

Hydrogeological apparatuses and objects

  • hydrogeological observation boreholes
  • observation peizeometer

We carry out inspection monitoring of monitoring systems and installed controlling elements (hydrogeological measuring, hydrochemical measuring, geotechnical monitoring), including their assessment in a tabular and graphic form. Within the monitoring system proposal warning states are defined and these are subsequently assessed.

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