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Geodesy is one of the oldest technical and scientific branches. It currently encompasses a very wide range of methods, approaches, and technologies related to the diversity of human activities, from cosmic surveys to architecture, agriculture, or even recreation.

We can provide you almost all geodetic applications, with an emphasis on the building industry and its related branches:

  • Measurement (monitoring), evaluation, and analysis of shifts, deformations, tilts, and transformations. These activities cover all types of structures and their components, natural objects, slopes, and areas. Our specialties are in bridges and subterranean works, particularly tunnels.
  • Elaboration of maps for landscaping projects, home construction, and all types of structures.
  • Complex documentation of buildings and objects, including historical monuments, either for their reconstruction or for a digital compilation structural details.
  • Complex and detailed documentation of subterranean areas, tanks, shape analyses, cross-cuts elaborations, and volume calculations.
  • Elaboration of extensive geodetic networks for line construction, detailed networks for the construction of industrial, water-service, or civil structures, and micro-networks with extreme accuracy.
  • Survey works for the special assembly of structures or technological equipment.
  • Construction surveys for buildings and their structures, e.g. managing excavation works (including underwater excavations), placing piles, offsetting cups, assuring columnar verticality, coordinating the assembly of crane tracks, sheathing, covering, controlling the placement of concrete or the assembly of arbitrary three-dimensional shapes, etc.
  • Documentation of all actual work during any phase of construction, comparison with plan designs, analysis and optimization for correcting excessive building deviations (i.e. positioning a connecting structure to eliminate or limit alterations to finished construction work), preliminary cost estimates for repairs and adjustments (e.g. incomplete or excessive breaks in tunnels, inaccuracies in foundation forms, uneven floors and ceilings, building readiness for sheathing, assembly of lifts, staircases, roofing, etc.), and further analysis of any construction detail can be produced by the observed data if desired.
  • Documentation of underground networks
  • Land registry work

We use the latest electronic measuring devices, computer technology, and software equipment in all the activities listed above.

We can flexibly adapt these capabilities to our customers' needs.

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