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INSET's geologic work activities are concentrated in particular on the solution of engineering-technical, geotechnical, hydrogeological, and raw material issues and problems related to:

1. Project preparation and construction of: Line construction, especially roadway and highway networks

  • Subterranean construction (tunnels, underground railways, collectors, sewerage collectors, exploration galleries, etc.)
  • Production, logistics, and commercial centers

2. Construction of subterranean works and foundation engineering in complicated urban conditions
3. Redevelopment of underground and mining environments, including repair, reconstruction, and remediation of ground objects
4. Slope stability
5. Investor's geological/geotechnical supervision and geological documentation for all types of structures
6. Geotechnical monitoring of construction work and its environmental impact
7. Geological surveying designs, including expert opinions and expertise
8. Design and implementation of monitoring systems related to time-related variances in ground ambience and ground water

Geophysical methods of prospecting and diagnostics have been continuously perfected by INSET s.r.o. since its foundation. At present, the firm's geophysical workplace is completely equipped, especially for the solution of all engineering geophysical tasks (i.e. works related to design, construction, reconstruction, redevelopment, and the living environment).

INSET s.r.o. is the best equipped geophysical workplace with the widest team of experts in its field in the Czech Republic and is completely comparable to the best European companies.

Our experience with the evaluation of ambient conditions in urban environments and our proven results of this work are unique even within Europe.
Measuring and software equipment is specialized according to the methods of engineering seismology, geo-radars, gravity surveying, geo-electric methods, and electromagnetic detectors.

The main applications of INSET's geophysical methods are in the:

  • Preparation of line construction during all construction phases
  • Subsoil diagnostics of roadways and railway tracks
  • Diagnostics of ambient exterior linings of subterranean works
  • Monitoring of changes in the physical properties of the ambient environment and 2D and 3D ambient interfaces
  • Prospecting of subterranean objects and determination of their properties
  • Area surveying after the installation of ground water collectors and pollution redevelopment boreholes
  • Prospecting and surveying of deposit accumulations
  • Radar a


Special applications of geophysical measurements

Using special measuring equipment and technological procedures, we provide the following:

  • Corrosion survey, measurement of electrical and geophysical quantities in the ground and building structures
  • Integrity tests of bored piles through an analysis of wave records by time and frequency
  • Ultrasonic trans-illumination of piles and concrete structures
  • Prospecting of underground technical conduits
  • Progress controls and efficiencies in conditioning improvement and ground ambience, e.g. by the use of grouting
  • Pyrotechnical surveys, detection of underground metallic objects
  • Complex non-destructive diagnostics of building structures

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