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The field of geotechnics is understood as wide range of activities including various fields within geology (engineering geology, applied geophysics, hydrogeology) and analytical techniques (mechanics of soils and rocks, static and dynamic mechanics, etc.) used either separately or in combination.
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Geotechnics is widely applied in transport constructions, where it constitutes a substantial part of the work related to processing soil and rock materials and transforming terrain morphology. It also plays a significant role in water-service constructions, where a geotechnical construction (dam) is frequently the main construction object. In addition, mining and quarrying operations cannot now do without geo-mechanical knowledge.

Essential cooperation with geotechnics is also required during the design and implementation of engineering structures and extensive ground constructions. Owing to the development of environmental engineering disciplines, geotechnics also finds significant utilization in the living environment (waste disposal).

Through gradual development in the building industry, especially on specialized works, new special sub-spheres emerged with a concentration on foundation engineering and subterranean structures, where geotechnics is the cornerstone of the entire building process. Even though geotechnics originated through the gradual development of the "large" building industry (e.g. extensive urban units, demanding engineering and transport constructions), it is gradually being adopted by "small construction firms", especially during reconstruction and fabrication on formerly technologically inaccessible lands.

Geotechnics is used during both engineering-geological surveying for constructions in various phases of completion and monitoring finished buildings and even partly during building-technical prospecting for the reconstruction of structures. As geotechnics combines knowledge of geological ambience (its mechanical properties) in interaction with its loading either directly or mediated through a building structure, it uses the results of various measurements which characterize the mechanical properties of geological ambience applied either in the laboratory or in the field. These measurements include laboratory and field tests and measurements (tests IN-SITU).

Particularly for the above-mentioned fields in the building industry within geotechnical work, we can offer the following:

Consultancies and special advisory services in geotechnics, hydrogeology, foundation engineering, and the living environment

Building-geological surveying works - proposal, work in progress, evaluation

Numeric modelling, calculations of geotechnical structures

Quantification of geotechnical risks  Field tests and monitoring, control tests during phases of construction

Examination of the impact of subterranean works on the stability of terrain and buildings

Engineering seismology

Geophysical prospecting

Corrosion surveying  

Deposit surveying

Building-technical prospecting, including works in extreme conditions such as rock faces, subterranean areas, etc.

Passporting of building

Review of undermining impact on surface areas above  

Engineering-geological surveying

Regional teleological studies

Expert opinions on structural analysis, dynamics, geotechnics, geology, blasting and its effects

Complete documentation of blasting for construction work, demolition, open-cast mining

Noise studies

Complete set of geodetic activities

We guarantee the following services:

Laboratory tests

Expertise of the environmental impact of building operations

Projection and assurance of operation of quarries and mines, liquidation and remediation of boring work

Expert legal opinions

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