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Photographic and video documentation serves to determine and document the technical condition of existing objects where possible changes can develop in their close vicinity due to further building procedures, external impacts or activities which are prepared or completed in the given locality.

It is performed prior to and in relation to the building procedures in order to record information important from the point of view of the possible impact on the monitored object.

The objective is to demonstrably and unambiguously compare the actual condition of the object with its initial condition after the construction work has been completed and the external influences or the impacts of the building have receded.


Subjects of photographic and video documentation are

  • buildings - exteriors, interiors
  • communications and their objects - bridges
  • underground constructions - tunnels, collectors, sewerage systems 

The basic method of photographic and video documentation is

  • local investigation wiht a detailed survey of the object
  • visual control of all parts of the object with a record of its technical condition, documentation of the existing parameters, the actual defects and the local conditions
  • acquisition of records and potocols of photographic and video documentation,elaboration of photographs and video documentation, preparation of simplifies technical documentation of hte building object in the form of reports from the survey of the object including protocols and graphic documetation

Use of photographic and video documentation

  • expert opinion on the impact of building activity on the object documented
  • background material for subsequent local investigation
  • a basis for possible control of the monitored object - on the basic of the results of the photographic and video documetation it is possible to propose the location of points for control measurements (deformation, inclination etc.)

Detailed photographic and video documentation is performed by INSET s.r.o. in the phases and time organization of the construction

  • initial photographic and video documentation - documentation  of the initial technical condition of the object prior to launching the building work
  • partial photographic and video documentation  - documentation for certain construction conditions or a given monitoring period
  • final photographic and video documentation of the object - documentation of the object after completing the construction work or after the impacts on the building recede and comparison with the initial photographic and video documentation.

The documentation is used to verify the techical condition of the object. The quantified scale, the type of damage and the assessed risk are also classified.

INSET s.r.o. performs individual photographic and video documentation based on the character of the monitored objects

Usually the documentation is related to the relevant data of local investigation and the subsequent appearance of existing faults and defects are noted:

  • deformation of building elements (subsiding, warping, buckling, sagging)
  • breaking of brick or concrete parts of the building elements
  • occurrence and development of fractures
  • increased humidity of masonry, construction or building elements
  • corrosion, rotting, weathering and degradation of the construction material

INSET s.r.o. elaborates photographic and video documentation of objects for the needs of building control as an independent subject. Photographic and video documentation is provided by our professional workforce, objectively and exclusively on the basic of the determined technical information on the objects.

For work related to the photographic and video documentation of objects INSET s.r.o. has all of the qualifications and relevant professional authorization for performing work in the fields of diagnostics of building constructions, official measurements, photographic and video documentation , construction engineering and planning activity.



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