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certISO 9001-2

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DynaMag allows non-contact mechanical tension measurement in prestressed steel parts of concrete constructions, suspended bridges and ground anchors.
Prestressed steel parts of concrete constructions are used as a sensor component of DynaMag system.
Dynamag  Dynamag 1
Areas of application

  • ground anchors
  • prestressed beams and plates
  • prestressed concrete constructions
  • bridges

DynaMag allows

  • o control the quality and parameters of tension before and after installation
  • to control the quality of prestressing process
  • to control the quality of prestressed structures after natural disasters
  • long term monitoring
  • during the life span of structures
  • of critical parts of structures

DynaMag advantages
Simple and clear tenet

  • the tenet is based on utilization of physical principles

Non-contact and non-destructive method

  • no direct physical contact between the sensor and the measured element
  • allows measurement of mechanical stress through anti-corrosive protection of prestressed elements without damaging them
  • link between the meassured element and the sensor is provided purely by means of magnetic field

High accuracy and long term reliability

  • sensors include neither moving parts not parts that are liable to material ageing and performance reductio

Direct measuring method

  • prestressed parts of structures are direct components of the sensor

High resistivity of sensors

  • sensors are resistant to dust, shocks, vibrations, water, salt water, water under pressure, chemicals and radioactivite rediance

Unlimited lifetime of sensors

  • the life span of sensors exceeds the life span of standard constructions

Sensors cannot be overloaded
Simple installation
DynaMag limitations

  • Only for ferromagnetic materials
  • Requires laboratory calibration for new or unknown materials

Components of DynaMag

  • sensors
  • readout box


  • are designed for measuring and monitoring of prestressed elements of structures such as wires, bars and cables
  •  have shape of hollow cylinder, in middle of which the measured element passes through
  • can be placed on free parts of prestressed elements, can be sealed in concrete or can be part of prestressed elements of anchor systems
  • can measure overall mechanical stress in prestressed elements or can measure stress in individual strings of prestressed cables
  • are equipped with electronic identifier and accurate thermometer which measures the temperature of the structures in the sensors area
  • enables measurement of mechanical stress with resolution under 1 Mpa in serious industrial environment where usage of other methods is limited or impossible

Readout box

  • portable device intended for gathering measured data from sensors
  • enables measuring of prestressed elements of diameter from 5 mm to 240 mm
  • power is supplied by 24V accumulator or line adapter
  • notebook connection for data collecting and evaluation


The most extensive present DynaMag application realised by INSET company in sensors installation and stress measurement on ground ancors within a geotechnical monitoring of structures of newly build city circle round at Prague (tunnel Blanka) and tunnel Turecký vrch nearby Nové Mesto nad Váhom.


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