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Within project preparation and contract documentation, we provide both engineering-geological route surveying and the qualification and quantification of borrow pits and inter-stockpiles for transport construction. We guarantee not only common field and laboratory experiments and tests but also the special monitoring of the environmental impact of building work and building activity during the transport construction process.

We perform diagnostics of building-technical condition on present transport construction through competent and authorized bodies and can control progress during redevelopment activities (e.g. roadways, operational premises, construction of bridge components, etc.).
We can offer:

  • Consultancies and special advisory services in geotechnics, geology, structural analysis, construction dynamics, foundation engineering, living environment, noise and vibration, ambient corrosive aggressiveness, slope stability and hydrogeology
  • Building-geological surveying work - proposal, work in progress, evaluation
  • Numeric modelling, calculations of geotechnical structures, parametric studies
  • Quantification of geotechnical risks
  • Field tests and monitoring, control tests during construction work in progress
  • Examination of the impact of subterranean works on the stability of terrain and buildings
  • Static and dynamic load tests of bridges and structures
  • Building-technical prospecting, including works in extreme conditions such as rock faces, subterranean areas, etc.
  • Passporting of buildings
  • Engineering seismology
  • Geophysical prospecting
  • Pyrotechnic surveying
  • Corrosion surveying
  • Review of undermining impact on surface areas above
  • Engineering-geological surveying, regional teleological studies
  • Complete documentation of blasting for construction work, demolition, open-cast mining
  • Noise studies
  • Complete set of geodetic activities for all projects
  • dopravni-stavby2

We additionally guarantee the following services:  

  • Laboratory tests
  • Expertise in the environmental impact of building operations
  • Projection and assurance of operation for quarries and mines, liquidation and remediation of boring work
  • Expert legal opinions

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