Position: Engineering Geologist

Workplace: Prague

Contact: RNDr. OldřichLevý, 602 340 204,  levy.oldrich@inset.com

Position: Construction technician with a focus on constructional diagnostics and photographic and video documentation of building objects

Workplace: Plzeň

Qualification requirements: High school or university degree focused on constructions, driving licence (type B), willingness to travel, ability to work with common SOFTWARES on PC
Contact: Martin Steinberger, + 420 602 207838

Position: Diagnostics of building structures (suitable for students of building of faculties as the Brigade.)

Workplace: Prague

Qualification requirements: at least high school degree from high school focused on constructions
Contact: Ing. ZdeněkKankrlík, 602 306 223, kankrlik.zdenek@inset.com

Position: Civil engineer, suitable for graduates

Workplace: Prague 3, Lucemburská 1170/7

Qualification requirements: University degree with focus on constructions (construction of transport constructions, construction of structural  constructions materials, etc.), driving licence (type B), willingness to travel, work with focus on the structures diagnostics and measurements in the construction industry (part of the work is carried out in the field)
Contact: Ing. Josef Machač (machac.josef@inset.com; 602 130 495)

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