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Position: Part-time job

Workplace: Prague

Offering short-term or long-term part-time jobs.  

One-day irregular outings for geophysical measurements in the field (8-18h).

Also suitable for younger applicants from Ukraine without health restrictions.

Contact: RNDr. Oldřich Levý - 602 340 204, Mgr. Václav Fait - 603 776 225


Position: Geodesist

Workplace: Brno

Qualification: requirements: University in the field of Geodesy, driving licence - type B, willingness to travel,

year-round work in the field and in the office with a focus on diagnostics and monitoring of buildings, survey work.

Contact: Ing. Luděk Záleský - 602 730 653,


Position: Engineering Geologist (Geotechnician)

Workplace: Plague

Qualification requirements:  Faculty of Geology, geological and geotechnical research for road construction, geological and geotechnical documentation of underground mines.

Contact: RNDr. Oldřich Levý - 602 340 204,


Position: Technician of Building Structures and Geotechnical Works

Workplace: Prague, Česká Lípa

Qualification requirements: driving licence (type B)

Contact: Ing. JIří Košťál Ph,D.,  603 580 735,


Position: Diagnostics of Building Structures (suitable for students of building of faculties as the part-time job)

Workplace: Prague

Qualification requirements: at least high school degree from high school focused on constructions  

Contact: Ing. Zdeněk Kankrlík  602 306 223,


Position: Civil Engineer (suitable for graduates)

Workplace: Prague

Qualification requirements: University degree with focus on constructions (construction of transport constructions, construction of structual construction materials, etc.), driving licence (type B), willingness to travel, work with focus on the structures diagnostics and measurements in the construction industry (part of the work is carried out of field) 

Contact: Ing. JIří Košťál Ph,D.,  603 580 735,

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